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Stainless steel cable mesh advantage

Stainless steel cable mesh impresses with its top-quality,stability,durable and floating lightness. The constructions are used as fall-protection and fulfill the requirements of adaptation to bridges a... More>>

Customized stainless steel cable mesh

Customized stainless steel cable mesh for balustrade,railing systems,easily install.supplied rectangular and rhombic inox mesh tubular frames panel Feature: .Wear and abrasion resistant .Competitive co... More>>

Stainless steel cable mesh for animal enclosure

Stainlesssteelcablemesh for animalenclosure .For todays zoological,It is more focused on present animals in an environment as similar as possible to their natural habitat without the need for intrusive... More>>

Stainless steel wire rope mesh for zoo or protecting mesh

Stainless steel wire rope mesh other similar name: stainless steel cable mesh / stainless steel bird cage wire mesh/ zoo mesh . Stainless steel wire rope mesh can be divided into two types: First one F... More>>

Giraffe cage/Giraffe fence/Giraffe enclosure mesh

Giraffe, the highest animal on the land, also has the powerful hoof. Our giraffe fence mesh is made of the stainless steel cable mesh . Which can resist the hit by giraffe, also, has the aesthetic appe... More>>

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