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Stainless Steel Wire Rope Ferruled Mesh

The s tainless steel wire rope ferruled mesh , the wire ropes are neither knotted nor crossed, it is a construction based on stainless steel wire ropes that lie parallel in pairs connected and reciprocally curved by stainless steel ferrules……

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Metal cloth curtain

Metal cloth curtains , made of flexible aluminum and brass flakes and rings in various colors, are ideal for in inner design or clothing design in industrial applications like room dividers, wall ceiling ,decorative curtain,ceiling curtain,……

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Architectural mesh

Architecturalmesh ,alsonameddecorativemeshor metalfabric ,isweavedwithhighqualityStainless Steelwire,aluminumalloywire,brasswire,Copperwireorothermaterials Material:Stainlesssteelwire(AISI304,AISI316,AndAISI316L) Features:availableinmanydif……

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Metallic cloth

Description: Thiskindof metalliccloth iscontactbymanysequins(with4branches)andrings,itlookslikeaspider, eachlegofthesequinworksinaringandfoldedbackitselftosecuretheyconnecteachother Specification: 1.Thesequinssizeofmetalliccloth:wehavethe3m……

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Stainless steel rope mesh

Stainlesssteelropemesh Wearehappytointroduceyoutoanexcitingproduct:stainlesssteelzoomesh,whichiswovenfrom highquality304,316and316Lstainlesssteelwirerope,andalltherawmaterialforproducing stainlesssteelwirecablemeshisimportedfromSouthKoreaan……

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