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stainless steel black oxidized zoo mesh for tiger

Made from our stainless steel black oxidized zoo mesh , it is the ideal natural way for tigers survival in the zoo. Flexible and soft, our stainless steel rope mesh protects the animal out from any dangerous situations. Natural and harmony……

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Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Flexible stainless steel cable mesh is the charateristic leading product of Anping Yuntong Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. which has been manufacturing the product since 1998. The Plants independent developed equipments and skilled technique can……

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Professional supply stainless steel cable mesh/rope mesh

Introduction of Hand-woven FerruledStainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh for decoration : The Flexible Stainless Steel Mesh material is used high quality stainless steel wire cable , the stainless steel grade includes type 304, type 304 L, type 31……

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Stainless steel rope mesh / Wire rope mesh made in China

Stainless steel rope mesh s other name: Cable mesh, stainless steel zoo mesh, stainless steel x-tend net, zoo wire mesh , etc. Stainless steel rope mesh / Wire rope mesh has great advantages over ordinary wire mesh: 1. The netting is clippe……

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