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Stainless steel rope mesh the safest zoo wire mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh is the strongest zoo wire mesh to stand up with fierce animals such as lions and tigers which have sharp teeth and claws. 
Depending on its structure, stainless rope mesh can be divided into two types: hand-woven and knotless with ferrule connection.
Stainless steel rope mesh is specifically designed for various aviary and animal enclosure in zoos. It has excellent flexible performance, virtually indestructible, highly resistant to impact, anti-corrosion.
For your reference, the following specifications could be used for tiger, lion enclosure.

Why choose stainless steel rope mesh as zoo wire mesh or animal cage?
High strength, Excellent flexibility and toughness, Can be arbitrarily curved and folded, Easy for transportation and installation.
Maintenance free, Anti-corrosion, Never rust, More than 50 years service life.
Field of view is wide, Beautiful appearance, Very suitable for various animals exhibit.
Hand-woven, No toxic material, Environmental Protection.
Animal enclosure - zoo wire mesh, tiger enclosure, monkey enclosure, lion cage.
Aviary - macaw, parrot and medium to large birds.
Architecture - balustrade, railing, window guard, decorations, etc.

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