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China Animal Enclosure Mesh

Yuntong produce high quality china animal enclosure mesh.The zoo enclosure mesh is important for the safety protection of the animals, like the flying birds, such as the bird sparrow, and the holes can be as small as five millimeters, which can not fly out or climb. Some large animal enclosure nets can be bigger and the silk can be thicker. The protective fence of the zoo has good ductility, strong anti climbing ability and high safety factor. The fence can also be used in the site. It can be constructed and installed on the site, such as corner iron or flat iron, and so on. The characteristic of the product is strong. It can be dismantled according to the suitable specifications. The super high safety performance is widely used in all zoo safety protection. It has greatly changed the chances of close contact between tourists and animals. Materials for the zoo fence fence: white steel wire, black steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire.
Specifications for zoo fence nets: mesh 10mm*10mm, 18mm*18mm, 28mm*28mm, 50mm*50mm
Wire diameter: 3mm-6mm
Size: can be customized according to the required size
The features of the zoo protection mesh are: smooth net surface, uniform mesh, uneasily deformed impact resistance, easy to use, easy to use, corrosion resistance and long service life.
We are a professional stainless steel rope mesh manufacturer,if you need our products,we will supply you factory price.
China Animal Enclosure Mesh

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