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Stainless Steel Railing Mesh

Stainless steel railing mesh does not only stand extreme weather, it is also suitable for building projects under difficult topographic conditions or special demands for example caused by the environmental protection. The lightweight Stainless steel railing mesh is transported easily and installed on the border tubes or cables of the balustrade without extensive installation equipment. 
It's a revolution on architecture------flexible stainless steel cable mesh, Stainless steel cable mesh has the features of the skin like a diaphragm. It can form a flat surface, but can also be stretched in three-dimensional forms that provide funnel-shaped, cylindrical or spherical shapes. The SUS 316 ( L ) material, with best feature of Anti-corrosion & anti-rust ----a long using time and easy to clean, choose this you will satisfied with this.
Alternatively there are pre-installed custom–sized stainless steel frames for balustrade filling.
Stainless steel railing mesh give balustrades and railings a sense of elegance, space and style. With careful planning and design, they have the ability to totally transform the look. Their clean and simple lines create a sleek and modern aesthetic, while offering uninterrupted views. They’re contemporary, low-maintenance and surprisingly easy and fast to install. Yuntong Stainless steel railing mesh has been setting the standard for cable applications in balustrades and railings since 2003.
Stainless Steel Railing Mesh
Specific features of stainless steel balustrade infill mesh:
A uniquely different approach to the stainless cable balustrade or railing for that statement project.The elastic Stainless steel railing mesh finds its own way around simple and complex geometric shapes to achieve uncompromised aesthetic form.
A light and airy feel to suit any minimalist environment.
High transparency for reduced visual impact on any view or landscape.Fully load rated for superior performance as a barrier or in a security application.
Suits rigid frame or cable perimeter mounting. Allows the expression of your individuality.
Quality Grade 316 stainless steel construction for harsh environments and long service life.
Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, Yuntong’s stainless steel balustrade infill mesh was used throughout Acute House, with compatible and cost-effective results. The 316-grade stainless steel wire is pliable and strong, properties that allow it to conform to any shape, while complying with safety regulations for fall protection. A 100mm aperture webnet mesh with 1.5mm wire with 6mm perimeter cable was used on the project.
Yuntong is a professional stainless steel rope mesh manufacturer in China,if you need,contatc us.

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