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High Quality Metal Sequin Fabric

Metal sequin fabric is also called metal cloth.Metal sequin fabric  is made of the flexible aluminum flakes and ring, which is a new kind of decorative materials in the interior design or clothing design in industrial applications. The deco print metal fabric is a mesh that print a decorative pattern on the metal fabric. And metal sequin cloth is linked by aluminum sequin, so, there are different sequin shape to select.
Unlike other metal curtains, its lustrous patter of texture enhances the brightness of the room. Owing to its great flexibility, metal cloth can be used to make jewelries, clothes, shoes and bags.
It can divided into five kinds according to the diameter of the flakes, which are: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm , 8mm and 10mm. There are four kinds of surface processing, they are oxidization, printing ink, imaginary color coating and grit coating.
Available color: light gold , gold, silver, black, anticopper, gunmetal, colorful (customized color are availbale for us)
Feature of Beautiful Metal Sequin Fabric
Unique design: The aluminum material and ring connection structure ensure the durability and firm.
Various colors: The metallic fabric cloth can be various colors, which can suit more applications and places.
Flexible: Installed on the track, the metallic fabric cloth is flexible to open or closed.
Lightweight and easy to install and remove: The aluminum material is lightweight, it can be installed and removed without any efforts.
Easy to clean: With the smooth surface, it doesn't require harsh cleaner or solvents, just wipe with a cloth.
Various applications: The metallic fabric cloth can be used as ceiling decorations, wall decorations, window curtains and various other applications.
Customized: We can supply the standard specs of metallic fabric cloth and special colors and specs can be customized.
Application of Metal sequin fabric :
As this kind of mesh can cut by the scissors, so you can cut the mesh into every shape you want, such as you can make a dress for your lovely Barbie doll, make a beautiful ear drop for yourself.
Otherwise you can use this make a curtain for your house, mall, hotel and your shop. It will be more attractive.
In one words, you can do all that you can imagine with this mesh.
For room , as hanging room divider
For table , as table cloth .
For cloth , shoes & bag , as decoration .
For bottle , as protecting mesh .
We supply high quality stainless steel rope mesh,metal mesh curtain and so on.If you need,contact us.
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