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Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

What is the cable mesh ! Stainless steel cable mesh was made from 316 stainless steel cables, which has rope mesh when you stretched at a angle.diamond mesh style
Unique design idea,rope mesh style
Corrosion resistant,allows strong airflow.
Fully pro-enviroment,recyclable,no toxic and flammable.
Easy installation
Once steel cable mesh is using,maintenance free,don't ask any special cleaning or coating.
Long use life.
As it has unique and artistic rope mesh style, stainless steel cable mesh suit for different application required!
Architectural: stainless steel balustrade,ss railing,division screen,facade screen,window guard,security infill panels,decoration etc
Fencing: garden fencing,bridege safe net,pedestrian zone,panorama terraces,observation platform,space guard,rock protection etc.
Animal enclosure: zoo mesh,aviary netting,monkey enclosing etc.
Pet cages: dog cage,cat cage,rabbit cage etc
Ferruled Mesh
Stainless steel cable mesh-ferruled type,called ferruled mesh,which assemble by seamless ferrule,improve the mesh netting strength,rope mesh rhombus when you stretched at 60°,50° ,30° option.ferrules: tinned copper,nickel-plated copper,stainless steel,ferruled mesh has highest artistic appreciation and practicability.
Knotted Mesh
Stainless steel cable mesh-knotted type,called knotted mesh or hand-woven mesh,which made through cables weaving,rope mesh square or diamond when you stretched at 90° or 60°.knotted mesh is ecomomic using as security fence ,zoo enclosures systems.
Easily Install
Stainless steel cable mesh can be fixed on stainless steel tube post(frame) or stainiless steel cables tensioned with stainless fitting.
Stainless steel cable mesh is becoming more and more popular in modern buildings and it has become a new method for greening in recent years. So what is stainless steel rope mesh green wall? Stainless steel rope mesh green wall is that people use stainless steel rope mesh to plant the green plants on the wall or in large buildings. Stainless steel rope mesh green wall provides an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for the professionals of building design and construction. Architects can come true a variety of innovation on the construction of buildings with the help of stainless steel rope mesh. 
Stainless steel rope mesh green wall can offer a large number of advantages below:
Stainless steel rope mesh green wall is suitable for all environment even the harshest environment, like heavy snow, rain and gale and it can improve buildings' thermal performance, because it can help regulate the building temperature. The green wall can protect the building wall from graffiti effectively and it also can absorb the smoke dust near the building, namely it can fresh the air near the building.
The stainless steel rope mesh is very flexible, and it can be installed on any structures. Plants and stainless steel rope mesh make a whole which is not only beautiful but also practical.
Stainless steel rope mesh is resistant to rust even though it suffers from sunlight, rain and fog and it has long work life and it can be used repeatedly.
stainless steel cable mesh details:
Rope material: high quality stainless steel 304, 316, 304L and 316L.
Rope diameter: 1.2mm to 3.2mm, and other rope diameters are also available.
Rope construction: 7 *7 and 7*19 are the main used, but 1*7 and 1*19 are also supplied.
Opening size: 25mm*25mm or 76mm*76mm, and other sizes are supplied based on customers' requirement.
Mesh type: stainless steel ferrule rope mesh or stainless steel knotted rope mesh.
Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

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