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Aluminum Cascade Coil Curtain

Aluminum cascade coil curtain aslo named metal drapery,chain link curtain, is one kinds of decorative wire meshes.It is made of super quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other alloy material.
Application of Chain link curtain :
It is widely used as curtain, screens for dining hall, isolation in hotels,ceiling decoration style for constructions.
With versatility, variety of color, durability and flexibility, metal coil drapery provides a new decoration style for various functions and practical areas. 
Curtain: shower curtain, window curtain, metal metal coil chain link curtain, etc. 
Space divider: for home, office, restaurant, hotel, supermarket, etc. 
For decoration: light partitioning, ceilings, wall covering, display, etc. 
For protection: cladding, facade, enclosures, shades, etc.
It offers a variety of color changes with light and given unlimited imagination.
stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other alloy
Features of Chain link curtain: 
Durable Light weight and Long Lasting
· Superior Break-Through Strength
· Fireproof - Does Not Absorb Oil or Other Flammable Liquids
· Easy to Install - Can Be Spliced at Job Site
· Economical - Light Weight Reduces and Simplifies Structural Requirements and Installation
Production/process for different color, shape, size can be made upon your requirements.
According to its different applications, chain link metal curtain can be used in many architecture design and building decoration, such as:
Interior partition, door curtain, security gate, shower curtain, sun shades, store fixtures, ventilation grilles, privacy ceiling panels, fireplace mesh curtain, interior space curtains, decorative facade fabric, architecture outside designs, exterior wall cladding material, wall decoration, blast debris protection, sound insulation, day-lighting screening, fall protection etc.
Advantages of our company:
1. 39 years experience, amended the items for more than 20 times. Own the design department. OEM and customize available.
2. Have clients in more than 20 cities in the USA. So our clients can help each other.
3. Special surface treat. The surface can bear the metal hard scratch. Our equipment for the surface is 1250000usd. 
4. Free return and exchange in 3 years. But i confirm you will do not face this problem.
5. Forever tracking service. And 3% discount for the old clients.
6. Quick manufacture. Will take photos and video for your fabric everyday.
We supply stainless steel rope mesh,zoo mesh,metal mesh curtain and so on.If you want to know more,contact us.
Chain Link Curtain

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