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Do you know Stainless steel Green Wall mesh

Stainless steel Green Wall mesh is a unique,flexible and durable mesh for support green plants. It is the only 100% stainless steel product in the world to gracefully and beautifully adapt to your most challenging 3-D tensile project.
Stainless steel Green Wall mesh offer design flexibility, easy specification, and trouble-free installation. Specially designed stainless steel rope, rods, cable mesh and components help you achieve your green building goals by ensuring long lasting, maintenance-free, and fully recyclable installations. Green Wall Systems combine the best in stainless cable technology with the environmental benefits of greening. The benefits of vertical plantscapes can now be applied to any structure or site, from micro-gardens to stadiums.
Its application is more and more extensive. No matter where you are intending to use, we will do our best to meet it.
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Stainless steel Green Wall mesh

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