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Chain Link Curtain Manufacturer

Chain link curtain, the same with metal coil drapery  and chainmail curtain, is a new innovative decoration metal curtain. Generally, chain link curtain is made of stainless steel or aluminum but it can also made aluminum alloy or copper. Available with various optional colors, chain link curtain is widely used in interior and exterior decoration.
1.Material: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.
2.Wire diameter: 0.5 mm - 1.2 mm.
3.Aperture size: 3 mm - 20 mm.
4.Open area: 40% - 85%.
5.Finish: zinc coated, copper plated, metallic color spray, etc.
6.Color: original metallic color or spray into other colors.
Surface treatment
1.Lacquer coating. Lacquer coating is cheaper than other surface treatment.
2.Anodic oxidation. It is better processing and looks better than the lacquer coating. But it is only for the aluminum alloy wire.
3.Acid washing. It is suitable for the stainless steel wire. After washing from acid, the metal coil drapery is very light.
Light diffusion and good ventilation.
UV resistant and flame resistant.
Beautiful appearance and various color.
Versatility and decorative effects.
Aesthetic appeal and functionality.
Finishes are beautiful and resilient.
Color never fading and paint never dropping.
Gorgeous and high-end.
Durability and flexibility.
With versatility, variety of color, durability and flexibility, metal coil drapery provides a new decoration style for various functions and practical areas.
1.Curtain: shower curtain, window curtain, door curtain, etc.
2.Space divider: for home, office, restaurant, hotel, supermarket, etc.
3.For decoration: light partitioning, ceilings, wall covering, display, etc.
4.For protection: cladding, facade, enclosures, shades, etc.
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Chain Link Curtain

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