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Inox Cable Webnet

A special fabric strength and flexibility, a “network” whose strands are knotted or ferruled , also we can provide the mesh in black oxide finished for both knotted and ferruled types. 
The Inox cable webnet is a construction based on stainless steel cables which are parallel in pairs and mutually connected by offset curved sleeves. The net construction can be separated as an accordion, producing a spring force which varies by opening thickness and wire mesh rope. The INOX Cable Webnet is a vibrant and top-quality products: the mesh size (varying from too tight or too wide) and the wire rope diameter (1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm) to determine its functionality and aesthetics.
Inox cable webnet
All components for inox cable webnet are made from AISI 316 material group. Structures flexible, transparent mesh made of stainless steel rope series are multifunctional and durable: mounted on rails or stairs, provide support and guidance; facades, can be used as training systems for plants; in large rooms, they create subtle accents like filigree partitions. The Inox cable webnet was subjected to extensive testing and complies with all applicable standards: As a safety net and permanent security for bridges or observation platforms, it is absolutely UV and weather resistant, unlike networks Conventional plastic fiber knotted.
Inox cable webnet
The Inox cable webnet has the features of the skin like a diaphragm. It can form a flat surface, but can also be stretched in three-dimensional forms that provide funnel-shaped, cylindrical or spherical shapes.
The following are the regular specifications of the inox cable webnet , Webnet can be applied in either a vertical or horizontal direction, again dependent on the balustrade or railing design and the required aesthetics. 

Mesh Eye Size 1.2mm(3/64)
( 7 x 7 )
( 7 x 7 )
( 7 x 7 )
( 7 x 7 )
( 7 x 19 )
20 x 35mm YT-1235        
25 x 42mm YT-1225 YT-1625      
30 x 52mm YT-1230 YT-1630 YT-2030    
35 x 60mm YT-1235 YT-1635 YT-2035    
38 x 66mm YT-1238 YT-1638 YT-2038 YT-2438  
40 x 69mm YT-1240 YT-1640 YT-2040 YT-2440 YT-3240
50 x 86mm YT-1250 YT-1650 YT-2050 YT-2450 YT-3250
60 x 104mm YT-1260 YT-1660 YT-2060 YT-2460 YT-3260
70 x 120mm YT-1270 YT-1670 YT-2070 YT-2470 YT-3270
76 x 131mm YT-1276 YT-1676 YT-2076 YT-2476 YT-3276
80 x 138mm YT-1280 YT-1680 YT-2080 YT-2480 YT-3280
90 x 154mm YT-1290 YT-1690 YT-2090 YT-2490 YT-3290
100 x 173mm YT-12100 YT-16100 YT-20100 YT-24100 YT-32100
120 x 206mm YT-12120 YT-16120 YT-20120 YT-24120 YT-32120

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