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Black Oxide for Zoo Mesh-Aviary Netting Bird

Do you know Black Oxide for Zoo Mesh, Aviary Netting Bird Environments?
Black oxide, widely used to coat mesh and stainless steel wire and cables, provides a natural appearance in black wire containment fencing and aviary netting environments like zoos and bird sanctuaries.
1.Visually appealing with natural appearance of animal exhibits
2.Less intrusive
3.Consistent coverage
4.Quick turnaround
5.Large oxide tanks for more efficient production
Aviary Netting
1.Zoo mesh enclosures
2.Aviary netting for bird sanctuaries
3.Other black wire fencing for animal enclosures
4.Stainless steel wire and cables
We also have  metallic cloth,stainless steel rope  hand-woven mesh for sae,if you need,please contact us.

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