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Decorative Metal Mesh Curtain

Metal Mesh Curtain is a new kind of building decoration materials, which are widely used in building elevation, room dividers, the ceiling treatment, balconies, hotels, concert halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, shopping malls,stage backdrops, showing charming effects and romantic feelings under light.
This very versatile metal  drapery can be hung over windows, across an entryway, grouped together to partition off a room or as the corridor backdrop curtain.
Product characteristics:
1.Good drooping and flexible
3.Suitable for both interior and exterior applications
4.Fireproof,anti-corrosion and eco-friendly
5.Special luxurious,romantic and high-end feeling matched with light.
Please let us know your demand to helen@metallic-mesh.com:
·the width & height of the metal mesh curtain
·your favorite color
·how many sets do you need
·other special demands
We  will respond to you as soon as possible.
Metal Mesh Curtain

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