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Introduction of Metal sequin fabric

Introduction of Metal sequin fabric
Metal sequin fabric
Description of metal sequin fabric:
Flakes Diameter: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm, 10mm.
Color: red, silver, green, black, golden yellow, etc.
Surface Processing: oxidization, printing ink, imaginary color coating and grit coating.
The Advantages: 
1. Fireproof: This kind of mesh cloth is not like the cloth, it is nonflammable.
2. Shrink-proof: Metal cloth neither shrinks nor stretches.
3. Easy to cleaning:You just use a piece of rag to wipe it when metal cloth dirty. 
4. Sun rot-proof: Mesh is impervious to even intense tropical sunlight.
Accessories of metal sequin fabric: 
Metallic cloth can be installed on the ceilings with aluminum alloy track and pulley with chain, the track can be fixed on the ceiling wall, the pulley can make the metal drapery move easily and the chain can control the pulley. Usually our woven metal fabric has 1.5 times and 2 times overlap, when the mesh is hung, it can be show into a wave shape and make the curtain beautiful. 
As to the track, we have two kind of tracks, one is straight type, the pulley only can be moved straight; the other is bent track, the track can be bent into any shape according to your building shape.
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Metal sequin fabric

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