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Method to calculated the weight of Stainless Steel Netting

Our company has more than 10 years of experience to  produce stainless steel rope net(zoo mesh).During those over ten years, we have been constantly asked the weight problem of stainless steel wire mesh and its calculation method.Here is the article to explain the stainless steel rope net weight calculation problem.Hope it can benefit the industry and the new and old customers.
Some customers think it would be wire diameter*mesh aperture.Some industry  try to find out a specific computing system or just a specific coefficient.Above is all in vain.
Our company can responsible to say that, the stainless steel rope net does not have a specific computing system.
Stainless steel rope net is a kind net with extensibility .there is  a subtle relationship among mesh size, weight .When a network is drawn to the most suitable angle,its coverage area is the biggest .The weight of unit area is the lightest.In other words, when the net is unreasonable stretching,mesh can present small or large situation.The weight of per unit area  will be changed.
But in the practical application environment, the net will be drawn into different angles.So the weight of the stainless steel wire mesh is changeable, there is no way to accurately calculate the x-tend cable mesh.
My company can only according to the use of specific methods and application environment, the weight to calculate the specific details, in this case, there is no standard calculation method.
We can only in the process of production, depending on the number of lines to the stainless steel rope mesh unit weight is calculated exactly.
Stainless Steel Netting 
Stainless Steel Netting
Stainless Steel Netting

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