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Stainless Steel Webnet For Bridge Protection

When people think of protective barriers and netting for elevated walkways and bridges they often have a, for lack of better words, ugly looking image in their head. With oversized, mismatching netting that doesn’t fit the overall appearance of the bridge or other construction, there is the worry of drawing away from the constructed beauty of the architecture. However, that is not the case when it comes to our mesh solutions. The material stainless steel webnet can be built directly into the architectural design and made to seamlessly combine both beauty and safety, all at the same time.
There are two main protective measures to be taken into consideration with bridge construction with regards to safety and prevention methods.
A high railing – which can prevent people from even attempting anything as it discourages jumping from great heights
Safety nets – making potentially fatal falls impossible
These two measures help prevent suicide attempts and can also protect people from accidental falls as well.
Stainless Steel Webnet For Bridge Protection
The YT stainless steel webnet mesh used is one such material used in safety features for bridges and walkways. Whether on purpose or on accident, slipping and falling off of a bridge is a very real and potentially fatal accident. The webnet mesh is used to prevent these accidents and save lives.

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