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Metal sequin Cloth Curtain

Metal sequin cloth curtain, made of flexible aluminum and brass flakes and rings in various colors, are ideal for interior decoration like room dividers, wall ceiling and window drapery. Unlike other metal curtains, its lustrous patter of texture enhances the brightness of the room. Owing to its great flexibility, metal cloth can be used to make jewelries, clothes, shoes and bags.
Aluminum flakes have been treated by oxidation or painted by sprint for many different colors. Silvery, black, blue, red and golden or other as ordered. Plus, aluminum is a good combination of lightweight and excellent corrosive resistance.
Specificationof metal cloth curtain:
Material: aluminum, brass.
Flake size: 3mm × 3mm, 4mm × 4mm, 6mm × 6mm, 8mm × 8mm, 10mm × 10mm.
Surface treatment: galvanization, oxidation or spray-paint.
Producing process:
1.Prepare the aluminum material.
2.Put the aluminum on the machine and form the spider shape.
3.Join the spider flakes into panel mesh.
4.Surface treatment.
Advantages of metal cloth curtain.
No rust.
Fire-proof and shrink-proof.
Available in various colors.
Flexible enough to make other decoration.
Easy installation.
Easy to clean.
Guarantee metallic cloth never shrinks or stretches in long time use.
Easy to cut into request shape by common scissor.Metal cloth curtain carton colour and fitting and packageMetal cloth curtain carton colour and fitting and package.
Metal sequin Cloth Curtain

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