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Why choose stainless steel aviary rope mesh as new cage mate

As we all know, the feather of birds is very fragile and need to be protected. So it is the problem that you have to consider when choose the protective mesh for birds. What's more, the netting must provide enough space for birds to make them live more comfortably. Stainless steel aviary rope mesh we manufactured is the best choice for birds, because it has many advantages over other similar netting:
Smooth surface.
Our stainless steel aviary rope mesh has smooth surface which can avoid birds to be caught by the mesh. It can protect birds from damage consequently.
Light weight but strong.
Our stainless steel aviary rope mesh is very light, making it easier to install. And it is made from high quality stainless steel ropes, so it is firm and strong. It can bear heavy snow, rain and gale.
High flexibility.
The rope diameter, hole size, width and length can be customized according to the birds. And it can supply large space to make birds live comfortably.
Excellent visibility.
Our stainless steel aviary rope mesh has diamond-shaped openings, which makes tourists enjoy the birds merrily.
Resistant to rust and long life span.
The life span of our stainless steel aviary rope mesh can be up to more than 30 years and there is no need to maintain. It is not necessary to replace it regularly.
 stainless steel aviary rope mesh

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