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Rope stainless steel cable mesh for using

Rope stainless steel cable mesh is custom-made for each individual application. Other than ease of installation there are absolutely no bounds as far as length and width are concerned. Mesh strips can be joined together with no visible seam if larger expanses need to be covered. Diagonal or irregular geometries can also be accommodated.
Rope stainless steel cable mesh can have many different effects on the structure owing to the enormous number of possible combinations of mesh width and cable diameter. The choice is determined by functional, structural and aesthetic aspects.
X-TEND stainless steel mesh
Preassembled cable mesh structures keep their shape regardless of their dead weight and any supplementary loads. The curvilinear surface and its tension ensure optimal stability. The necessary tension is achieved by means of the stress exerted by the cables on one another. The structure has an opposite curvature in the load-bearing and tensioning directions. Each cable mesh structure has a low dead weight in relation to its loading capacity and span width. The minimal material usage and low-mass design result in high cost efficiency.
Please refer to our X-TEND mesh product brochure for detailed information on rope stainless steel mesh characteristics, the factors influencing mesh tension and the available fastening options.Custom-made or industry-specific solutions are developed in line with each customer’s requirements.

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