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Aluminum Chain Fly Screen

Aluminum Chain Fly Screen are designed to be suspended from the top of a door fitted to the face of the door frame or surround) and act as a barrier to prevent flying insects from entering. In some cases, chain curtains are used for window openings so our pricing matrix covers smaller dimensions that might be relevant for such an application. Suitable for fixing either internally or externally, as anodised aluminium chain links provide excellent resistance to corrosion and rusting.
Aluminum Chain Fly Screen Also named Aluminum chain link curtain has a silvery metal color – an all-match color. Don’t worry about color conflicts. Our silvery metal curtain is a popular choice for area dividers, doorway screens and window screens. Owing to its hook-to-hook structure, it has enough interspace to transit light and fresh air flow. However, it is an effective barrier for flies, wasps and other ordinary insects.
Where aluminum chain fly screen curtain used?
Room dividers.
Not only achieve multiple functional zones but also makes the space seem even bigger.
Window screens.
It is not necessary to close the window to block insects. Window screens only provide the way of fresh air and light not the flying insects.
Doorway screens.
Chain link screens are often used in shopping doorways where the traffic is usually heavy. But it is not suitable for trolleys and other vehicles.
Product Description:
Material: aluminum;
Hook size available:1.0*10*24mm, 1.4*11*23.4mm, 1.6*11*23.4mm, 1.8*11*23.4mm, 2*11.5*24mm
Aluminum Chain Fly Screen
Overall size: as requested;
Color: colors choice here,check below images,OEM color available.
Features:  Easy to clean;  Durability;  Easy to get through;  No rust.
Aluminum Chain Fly Screen

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