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What is a good bird aviary netting?

First of all, a good bird aviary netting can protect the bird's space, will not cause harm to the birds. Second, the good bird aviary netting can be integrated with the overall environment of the park, unexpected cottage design does not meet the original intention of the park or zoo. If the cottage building looks too hard, not only will destroy the overall atmosphere of the park, but also reduce the visitors interested in the exhibition. Therefore, the selection of good bird aviary netting is an important part of the design needs to be considered.
bird aviary netting
For mixed feeding of aviary parks, in the design and selection of Bird aviary netting often have to consider more factors. For example, compared to other animal cages, birds need more space to fly. So bird aviary netting need to be strong enough, long life, strong wind load capacity, and low maintenance costs later. We can manufacture a perfect stainless steel wire rope mesh to solve this problem, so that you can build a world's largest bird aviary forest.
When selecting bird aviary netting, you need to consider the largest and smallest bird, depending on the maximum or most impact of the bird to determine the wire rope diameter, according to the smallest bird to determine the aperture size of the mesh. If necessary, we can also recommend the appropriate specifications for the customer.
bird aviary netting

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