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FlexiMesh --stainless steel architectural cable mesh

FlexiMesh stainless steel architectural cable mesh is a leading material used to create lightweight structures globally with the following key attributes:
1. FLEXIBLE - a multifunctional material that can be used to design a plane surface or can be tensioned into three dimensional forms that create unique, elegant and lightweight tensile architecture.
2. ADAPTABLE - architectural cable mesh has multiple applications including balustrades, safety netting, zoological enclosures, tensile facades and art installations.
3. TENSILE STRENGTH - designers can implement creative ideas over large distances due to the extremely high load capacity and low relative weight of FlexiMesh AISI316 stainless steel material.
4. UNIQUE - Each panel is designed and  manufactured to meet specific project requirements for our clients. Our engineering and design team can help undertake static load calculations and offer unique solutions to meet specific performance criteria for each project.
5. HIGH QUALITY - FlexiMesh is manufactured from the worlds leading marine and architectural stainless steel wire rope from South Korea , to ensure product quality, integrity and longevity.
6. REDUCED MAINTENANCE COSTS - made 100% from AISI316 stainless steel stainless steel architectural cable mesh are remarkably strong, provide high performance under severe environmental conditions, protect against corrosion and rust and require very little maintenance over the life of the product.
Our standard panels are made from 7x7 contstruction wire rope as this is the most cost effective solution for most applications.However, we are able to manufacture from 7x19 construction wire rope and 1x19 wire strand to meet specific project criteria.
As every FlexiMesh panel is made to order we are able to tailor the panels to meet your project tensile requirments.
An aesthetic choice, FlexiMesh panels can be manufactured in either the Vertical (V) or Horizontal (H) geometric orientation;
FlexiMesh stainless steel

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