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Revolution on architecture ------ unique stainless steel cab

It's a revolution on architecture------flexible stainless steel cable mesh, Stainless steel cable mesh has the features of the skin like a diaphragm. It can form a flat surface, but can also be stretched in three-dimensional forms that provide funnel-shaped, cylindrical or spherical shapes.
stainless steel cable mesh
The mesh is manufactures from robust, high-grade 316 or 316L stainless steel cables. Stainless steel cable hand-made to net by clamps or cable weave. So the structure won’t be destroy by machine.
Other than ease of installation there are absolutely no bounds as far as length and width are concerned. Mesh strips can be joined together with no visible seam if larger expanses need to be covered. Stainless steel cable mesh is custom-made for each individual application. 
stainless steel cable mesh
Applications for Stainless steel cable mesh include balustrade, greening wall, zoo enclosures, and safety applications. Extremely strong yet transparent, it practically disappears when installed. More and more people choose it at their life. 
Flexible stainless steel cable mesh, inter-woven type in particular, is usually used in animal or bird cages, which is also called zoo mesh. with the feature of high flexible, tensile strength,high transparent and wide span,The flexible s.s. cable mesh has irreplaceable advantages compared with other mesh products in many aspects like practicability, security, aesthetic property and durability etc. 
stainless steel cable mesh
The flexible stainless steel cable mesh, especially the ferrule type mesh, are more used in fields like balustrades on bridges and staircases, large barrier fences, and building facade trellis systems. As an emerging product on architectural decoration and protection, stainless steel rope mesh has provided the modern architectural decoration and horticulture engineering with a new and stylish element, which are getting more and more appreciated by designers and clients all over the world.
stainless steel cable mesh
Our company------ Anping Yuntong Metal Wire Mesh Co., Led. with the quality guarantee of CE & SGS, more than 8 years of manufacturing and exporting experience if there is any inquiry about the YuntongTM  flexible stainless steel cable mesh please contact us freely.
stainless steel cable mesh
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