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Why choose Stainless steel webnet?

Stainless steel webnet have been used in the most varied of ways.The intelligent use of stainless steel cable mesh and clamps enables many forms of prestressed cable mesh construction. The effect is effortless and sophisticated. But the structure still resists the strongest wind loadings and fulfils many functions.
Mesh provides a timeless design on commercial or residential construction projects where safety and unobstructed views are paramount. Tensile mesh is heralded in the architectural world for being strong, versatile, durable and effective. our Webnet from 316 grade stainless steel which provides a long lasting, low maintenance, non-corrosive solution
Using perimeter cables or pre-fabricated supports, stainless steel webnet can be utilised in interior and exterior applications ranging from the harshest corrosive environments to bespoke architectural interiors such as:
• Anti-throw screening / anti-climb netting
• Animal enclosures
• Permanent edge protection
• Safety netting
• Building exterior façade features
• Playground equipment – structures and enclosure mechanisms
• Balustrade infils
Whatever you used, we will supply our best!

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