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Stainless steel webnet for green wall

Stainless steel webnet have long been used to support climbing plants. The Green Wall System uses a combination of our high-quality stainless steel ropes, rods and mesh to create a structure that supports plant growth.
From small garden wire trellises to huge multi-storey car parks, our system provides an elegant, sustainable and cost-effective solution for green walls. The system is lightweight and is fast and easy to install, supporting plants which are planted on site.
From small facade to huge building, our system delivers a wide range of aesthetic and performance benefits, helping to improve the overall appearance of a building – regulating its temperature (keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer), reducing noise and protecting its facades. 
They are also good for the environment, helping to provide cleaner air, aiding bio-diversity and offering natural habitats for local flora and fauna. Plants can either be grown up the green wall system, but in either case maintenance is simple and straightforward.
Our stainless steel webnet for green wall will make your life more beautiful.
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