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YuntongTM inox rope mesh frames

YuntongTM inox rope mesh product is a stainless steel flexible net structure that consists of ropes and metal sleeves. While it has expanded its usability to many different applications such as dividing building zones, serving as a fence, filling in staircases and as a structure for plants climbing.
YuntongTM inox rope mesh frames
The highly innovative design of inox rope mesh frames allows for it to be used in a variety of interior applications, not only aesthetically but from a safety perspective as well. This article will show you how you can use rope mesh for indoor applications.
Stairs case fence
YuntongTM inox rope mesh frames is the perfect addition to your interior Stairs case fence. It can be used to provide a protective barrier on the sides of the staircase and replace the need for railings. Its ability to be shaped into various 3-dimensional structures makes it an aesthetically appealing option for balustrades in staircases.
Room partitions
YuntongTM inox rope mesh frames is a great tool to use for dividing rooms into different sections. Webnet has been used in gymnasiums and sports clubs to create barriers between different areas of the facility, where one section can be used for one sport such as basketball, and another section used for a different sport such as netball.
YuntongTM inox rope mesh frames can also be used to provide a protective barrier against damage to the facility’s lights (hanging from the ceiling) by being placed right beneath the lights.
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