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Stainless steel rope zoo mesh

Zoo is the place where animals live and visitors watch animals. Some fierce animals are large, so common zoo mesh is difficult to guarantee the safety of visitors and prevent the animals from being damaged at the same time. But the stainless steel rope zoo mesh of our company can solve the problem properly. It creates good living environment for animals, and it can make visitors watch animals better at the same time. Above all, it can ensure the safety of visitors and animals. It can be used as animal fence and animal cages. And it is suitable for both large animals and small animals, like tiger, lion, leopard, orangutan, monkey and so on. And stainless steel zoo rope mesh can be divided into two kinds: stainless steel knotted rope mesh and stainless steel ferrule rope mesh.
Stainless steel zoo rope mesh has many advantages:
Light weight, soft and great buffer ability to protect animals.
High flexibility, high strength and resistant to impact make zoo mesh bear the hit from animals.
Good anti-climbing ability and environmentally friendly and without toxic material. There is no harm to animals even though they chew the mesh.
Excellent perspectivity makes visitors watch the animals better and resistant to rust and long work life.
stainless steel rope zoo mesh

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