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Kids memories for our big aviary

We had a really big aviary when I was a kid, which my dad built himself. It was large enough to walk into and we kept all kinds of  birds in there.

It was a real learning curve though, as you can't just plunk the wire down and expect the birds to stay in. Parrots in particular are really good at prying up wire, so you need to make sure every join is going to stay and that part of the mesh is folded over at the bottom so they don't force their way out there either.
aviary mesh
The other thing to consider, depending on where you live, is that bird seed (and birds!) is quite sought after in the animal kingdom, so you might have other animals trying to get into the aviary as well.
You might like to consider what kind of birds you're going to have in the cage when you're looking at the kind of wire mesh to choose.
If you're planning to have small birds, particularly if you are having only finches and canaries and that kind of bird, it's OK to have a smaller mesh if you want.
But, if you are going to house parrots, particularly larger parrots, or a combination of different types of birds, you really need to have a mesh that the parrots can climb without hurting themselves.
Parrots need to fly, in order to exercise their wings, but they also need to be able to climb, because that's a part of their natural activity as well. Perching birds, like canaries, just need a few different sizes of perches and that's enough for their feet, but parrots will suffer if they don't have something to climb.

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