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Stainless steel architectural mesh in architectural design

Stainless steel architectural mesh in architectural design.Architectural design is an increasingly important part of our lives and environment. Our stainless steel architectural mesh has been setting the standard for cable applications in balustrades and railings since 1988.With the mesh we can provide industrial and decorative woven mesh wire, perforated plate and wedge wire . Different diameters and flexible mesh sizes allow tailor made solutions, from safety structures, stairways, walkways and platforms through zoo enclosures and green series up to three-dimensional structures.
One of our clients,comes from France,who made an order in February 2015,with the mesh wire diameter 1.6mm,aperture 38mmx38mm,said the stainless steel architectural mesh give balustrades and railings a sense of elegance, space and style.The mesh is leading the way in lightweight construction architecture.
With careful planning and design, they have the ability to totally transform the look. Their clean and simple lines create a sleek and modern aesthetic, while offering uninterrupted views. They’re contemporary, low-maintenance and surprisingly easy and fast to install. 

We have to say that, although we have produced and export our stainless steel architectural mesh many years, there also will be some small problems. However we all save them, and thanks these problems, because these problems will made us be more and more professional and serve our clients better and better.
stainless steel architectural mesh

stainless steel architectural mesh

stainless steel architectural mesh

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