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Ss 304/316L Wire Rope Woven Mesh for Zoo Animals Cage

Ss wire rope mesh is woven by high quality stainless steel wire cable. The two main types are: stainless steel knotted rope mesh and stainless steel ferruled mesh. Stainless steel rope mesh has the features of good softness, never rust, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, strong resistance to breaking force, the overall structure strong and durable, service life may above 30 years; besides it has advantages of natural, environmental protection, good perspective, grand appearance, new style and so on. Stainless steel knotted rope mesh is widely used the zoo, garden decoration in the sea park, construction and retrofit. Stainless steel ferruled mesh is applied to bridge, stadium, curtain wall, car showroom, protective fence, zoo, green vine climbing, decoration, structure of LED and so on.
Stainless steel knotted rope mesh: it's woven especially by a kind of flexible wire cable. Weaving methods: by hand, or by machine.
stainless steel wire rope mesh technical data:
1. Material: SS304, SS316, SS316L
2. Stainless steel rope size: 7×7, 7×19
3. Stainless steel rope diameter:3.6-39mm
4. Resistance to breaking force: 0.63kn, 1.43kn, 2.55kn, 5.09kn, 9.04kn,
5. Mesh size: 50mm×50mm, 60mm×60mm, 75mm×75mm, 100mm×100mm, 120mm×120mm, 150mm×150mm, 180mm×180mm, 210mm×210mm
6. Angle: 90.

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stainless steel wire rope mesh

stainless steel wire rope mesh

stainless steel wire rope mesh

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