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Aluminium Chain Insect Door Fly Screen Curtain

Aluminium chain fly screens are so versatile making them ideal to at home or within any domestic environment especially in places where you would need a curtain – so if you want to have a door open to let the fresh air in but you don't want unhygienic flying insects - or if you want to divide a room or space decoratively - then our chain flyscreens are for you!
This beautiful curtain design is made from high quality anodised aluminum chains that hanging from metal track, the chain links can be removed and easily adjust to a shorter length.
Color Available: green&silver, blue&silver, silver, grey, black
Where can we use Aluminum Chain Curtain?
* Room dividers-achieve multiple functional zones and makes the space seem even bigger
* Window screens-it is not necessary to close the window to block insects. Window screens only provide the way of fresh air and light not the flying insects
* Doorway screens-chain link screens are often used in shopping doorways where the traffic is usually heavy
Why to choose our Aluminium chain fly screens?
* Dense aluminium chain is ideal for preventing insects while still allowing a through-flow of air
* Help to maintain a well ventilated environment, which is particularly important in areas such as kitchens, shops and conservatories
* Easy to walk through, great for pet
* Easy to clean,install,remove, the header strip is simply hung on 2 screws, can remove in seconds
* Made from anodised aluminum for durablity, while also creating a smooth, colorfast, anti-corrosion
Aluminium chain fly screens
Aluminium chain fly screens

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