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How do I choose the best aviary wire mesh?

Exotic birds are personable pets but must be housed in cages lest they flap around the house or encounter dangers in the outside world. Aviary wire mesh is manufactured specially for large cages. The mesh is constructed of a durable metal material, and the hexagonal or square shapes provide a perfect perching and climbing material. Wire mesh sizes vary, so select the smaller diameter mesh to contain the smallest birds. When selecting aviary wire mesh, look for powder-coated or vinyl-coated wire and avoid mesh that contains sharp barbs as well as plain galvanized metal.

Not all types of wire mesh are alike. Some metal mesh is constructed of stainless steel orwrought iron, some of galvanized metal, and others of coated metal. The stainless steel is the best wire mesh for bird cages, as it resists bacteria growth and rust, and does not contain minerals that are toxic to birds. Wrought iron is safe, but the material does corrode and is heavy. Stainless steel and iron mesh can be expensive, however, and so many bird owners select the more affordable galvanized mesh material.
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