Chain Link Curtain


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Chain Link Curtain

Introduction of Chain Link Curtain:
The Chain Link Curtain's structure like the chain link fence, it jointed by the many wavy wires, the wire's length is the curtain's height, and we can make it to any wide you want.
Chain Link Curtain / Metal Curtain/ Room Partition / Fashionable Metallic Curtain
1. The material: we have the Aluminum, Al alloy and the SS 304,316 
2. The wire diameter: 0.6mm-2.0mm
3.The mesh hole: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm,10mm,and as you need
4. The color of the mesh: we have more than hundreds of colors for your choice. You can also choose the color you favor.
 Chain Link Curtain's surface treatment:
1. Acid pickling:
2. Anodic oxidation:
3. Baking finish (This is the most popular one)
Application of  Chain Link Curtain:
This metal curtain is a new kind of building decoration materials, which are widely used in building elevation ,divider, the ceiling , shade, balconies and corridors, shutter, staircases and airport access stations ,hotels, museums, opera houses, concert halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, shopping malls, such as the high-grade internal and external decoration.
Advantage of  Chain Link Curtain:
Decorative metal building drapery is incombustible, high-strength, robust, easy to maintain, strong functional and decorative effect of lively, strong and can be very good for building structures from the protective effect.
Chain Link Curtain

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